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Our Mission

We are a group of Wisconsin construction contractors that have come together to train each other on internal mental health processes, discover third-party resources available, and work to implement these resources into the industry on a macro and micro level.


In 2020, a new idea was tossed out there at a small meeting of Wisconsin construction professionals.  "Why don't we all work together to do more for mental health in the construction field?"  In 2022, this idea has sparked into a full blown 501(c)(3) non-profit named Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community (WCWC). 


Our non-profit group allows us to distribute resources that are not affiliated with one group, so people can feel comfortable using them.  Through donations, WCWC puts on technical meetings for the industry at little to no cost to the employers and the employees.   We also collaborate with local providers so that people know they can call a trusted person in an urgent situation.  

What we do


By getting the message out through so many contractors, supervisors, vendors, relatives, and training classes, we are making a difference in mental health discussions in the workplace.   The more normal we make these conversations, the more the stigma will lift, and the more people will get the assistance they need.   Our goal is that one day it is just considered normal to talk about mental health in every workplace.  

We sincerely thank you for your support of WCWC and getting the word out!  The more partnerships and connections we create means more resources are delivered into the hands of those who need them most.


If in Crisis:  Call 911 and request a CIT Trained Officer


If you or a loved one is experiencing mental health

crisis call 988 to connect with a trained counselor

Click here to connect to Workplace Wellness - NAMI, which connects employees and employers with all kinds of mental health resources! 

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Fox Valley Technical College hosts 'Mental Health in the Workplace' Summit
Click here to check out a quick video featuring Bruce Morton

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DE&I Difference Makers - Bruce Morton

DE&I Difference Makers - Bruce Morton

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ASSP WI Mental Wellness in the Workplace 05-13-21

ASSP WI Mental Wellness in the Workplace 05-13-21

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Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community

Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community

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Walbec Group

Walbec Group

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President of WCWC- Bruce Morton presents to 100's of construction workers about mental health and suicide prevention at Gilbane safety stand down. 

Mental health First Aid Certification 

Construction Suicide prevent month mental health stand down at VJS jobsite where Bruce, Lizzy and Jared talked to around 100 workers.  Hard hat stickers, magnets & bracelets were given out. 

DSC07703-Enhanced-NR (1).jpg

Keep an eye out for this Hardhat Sticker!

hardhat sticker.PNG

You may have seen this sticker worn by foreman and supervisors.   

If not, be on the look out. This hardhat sticker signals to the     

other workers on site they are a person that is trained on       

mental health and it safe person to talk to about some-           

thing they are struggling with.  This person will also                   

know how to get them the help they may need.

QPR Training – which stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer is the training these

foreman and supervisors take.   It educates them about myths of suicide and how

to get a person at risk of suicide the help they need. Individuals learn three

simple steps needed to know to help prevent suicide.  Just like CPR, QPR

is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. QPR is

the most widely taught Gatekeeper training in the world.

Meet The Team

This was an excellent program and I’m looking forward to sharing the takeaways with rest of our HR team, as well as partnering with our safety team to communicate some of the resources WCWC offers.

Great event this morning! Thanks to Bruce Morton and his team for helping put together events like this.
Thank you VERY much for the great presentation last night.  The feedback I received from a number of our Ironworkers and a couple project managers was that your “down-to-earth” speaking style and willingness to talk about this “tough topic” was very disarming.  Your suggestions of HOW to assist someone in crisis was also very helpful!!
You most definitely found your passion and niche!!

- MKE Iron Erectors, Inc

Great turn out at our first technical meeting discussing how to support mental health. Proud to service this dedicated group of safety professionals!

I had such a wonderful morning with this group! Bruce Morton, you and the rest of the board are doing amazing things!




Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goal of improving mental health resources offered to the Wisconsin Construction Community. Your generous donation is truly appreciated!


Checks payable to: Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community

2108A Silvernail Rd. - PMB 197

Pewaukee, WI 53072


If donating electronically, please fill out form below: 

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Help us make a difference

Thank you for your donation!


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